Slugs... Live In The Sea?

Yes, that's right, slugs live in the sea too. But they're far from your ordinary garden slug! Nudibranchs (also known as sea slugs) are bright in colour which help to warn predators off as well as giving divers an eye-catching display. They grow from one inch in length up to 24 inches. You will find them in salt water seas all over the world. There are already over 3000 known varieties of Nudibranch, with more and more being discovered each year. Some people now dedicate their careers to finding and classifying them.  They come in a vast number of truly stunning colours and weird and wonderful shapes which are admired by divers all over the world. As sea slugs are not the fastest of creatures and are very eye-catching they make for fantastic underwater pictures. If you are heading on a dive you will find some Nudibranchs are more common than others which makes it even more exciting when you come across one that is totally different. They move using a foot, this leaves a slimy trail behind them as they move slowly under the water. Most Nudibranchs live up to just four weeks old, but can live up to a year. Nudibranchs can't be preserved or taken away from their environment because they loose their colours and shape. The best way to bring one of these creatures home is to take a photo. They can't be kept in an aquarium because they have a very small dietary range as well as system stability and micro-elements and so forth.  Even in the sea they are pretty confined within their micro-environment which provides them with certain foods and micro conditions they need to live. It would be a very complex challenge to try and reconstruct a Nudibranchs environment, the best way of seeing them is in their natural habitat. So Let's go diving and see if we can spot one of these fascinating creatures!

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