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Simply Scuba Interviews: Intova Sport HD II

At the Dive Show back in October we made a series of video interviews with various brands there... In this video we interview Intova about their Sport HD2 SP1 Camera!
  Hi. I am Phil Crow, with Intova. We sell a range of water proof cameras andtorches.  Today, we're featuring the Sport HD2 SP1 camera. It is a full-featured dive camera. It's a dive-ready flat lens. We include the LCD panel, we have 5 buttons. We're known because we're very, very easy to use versus our competitors. We give you the full 5 buttons rather than 2. Our battery life is 2 hours with LCD running and 3 hours when it is in the sleep mode. The camera floats if you drop it. It uses a universal quarter 20 thread, so mounting options are limitless. It is a 1020 PHD camera. We make a whole range of mounts that can be used with the HD2. We have everything from a hand strap, we have different types of handles, and then we have lighting to accompany. You can go with something like this, which is a IFLWA zoom; it's a narrow beam to a wide beam. The lens assembly can be removed, and then you have a 140-degree light beam. If you need more light, we have the Galaxy video light. This provides 140-degree beam angle as well, 2500 lumens, so it's a large amount of light for video.