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Simply Scuba Dive Site Review: Little Brother, Egypt


Video transcript: Little Brother Reef is the smaller island of the Two Brothers Island chain in the middle of the Red Sea. Little Brother's steep walls make this a wall dive, but there are some nice plateaus as well so that you can see lots of the amazing soft coral and hard coral and all the vibrant life on the reef. The steep wall starts at about two to six meters, and then goes fairly straight down to the depths. So this is going to be a wall dive, which can have a lot of current, but you will be able to see some amazing soft coral and hard coral. The wide range of aquatic life include small antheasis, longfin bannerfish, the lion fish, and if you're lucky enough, you can see some pelagic shark species as well. Little Brother is a great reef to see some aquatic life and is suitable for intermediate to advanced divers because of the increased currents. See more of our Egypt diving videos on our YouTube channel.