Simply Scuba Dive Site Review: Gota Abu Ramada, Egypt

Gota Abu Ramada is also known as "The Aquarium". This is a perfect dive for your check dive and for beginners, because it has a nice, wide, sandy bottom with small pinnacles jutting up out of the sand, for all the aquatic life to live on. Expect to see lots of macro life and the occasional larger fish swimming past. From the smaller Antheases, Clown Anemonefish, to the long-finned Bannerfish and schooling Sweetlips. You'll also see Eels and Rays, from the Bluespotted Feathertail Rays, to giant Moray Eels living inside the coral reef. So, there's a very, very wide range of fish. But this is perfect for beginner divers or people just jumping in to check their equipment, because it's nice and shallow with a nice, sandy bottom. On Abu Ramada South, there's a gradual, sloping bottom. And there is a shipwreck, just hidden in one of the reefs, that's fun to look around. You can still see the engine and the life that's reclaimed it. Abu Ramada is the perfect check dive site and is perfect for beginner to intermediate divers, for it's wide range of aquatic life.   Have you ever dived at Gota Abu Ramada? If you enjoyed this video, make sure to check out our other dives at Big Brother and Elphinstone.

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