Simply Scuba Dive Site Review: Elphinstone, Egypt

Elphinstone Reef is a long, thin reef that sits very close to shore. The reef itself has very steep walls and can have some very strong currents as well, so expect to drift-dive on this dive. The strong current attracts a lot of life from the valuable nutrients that it brings, and a very wide range of fish and soft and hard corals. With its strong currents, expect to see large Sea Fans and lots of soft coral. And embedded Sea Worms and Christmas Tree Worms, inside the hard coral. On the giant Sea Fans, set your cameras to "macro" and expect to see a Longnose Hawkfish, a very rare, but small species in the Red Sea. You can also see the mysterious Long Whip Coral reaching out into the blue, stretching out for the valuable nutrients to catch in the current. With its strong currents, steep sides and the temptation of the swim through at 52 metres, Elphinstone is for intermediate to advanced divers. And expect to be diving in and off of a rib, with lots of drift and current. Enjoyed this video? Why not watch our Daedalus and Little Brother dive site reviews too.

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