Simply Scuba Dive Site Review: Daedalus, Egypt

Daedalus Reef is a round reef in the middle of the Red Sea, situated about 90 km from Marsa Alam. Daedalus Reef has quite a lot of current, so be expected to be diving off a rib and getting back into a rib before and after your dive. Very steep walls and fairly strong current make this a fairly advanced dive, but you will be well-rewarded from the wide range of soft corals, hard corals, and a beautiful array of colourful fish. With the current comes life-giving nutrients that feed the reef and its whole ecosystem, so you'll see a very wide range of small macro-life, to very large pelagic fish coming in on the currents. At the right time of year, your dive guide will ask you to make a negative entry and get down to about 30 metres before swimming out into the open blue, and you'll be rewarded by some very inquisitive scalloped hammerheads and maybe some reef sharks, and if you're very, very lucky, an occasional whale shark swimming past. Scalloped hammerheads and reef sharks are very inquisitive, so when you're out in the blue, just sit still and let them come to you. When you're out in the blue, just sit still and watch the beautiful hammerheads just swimming past, and set your camera. Don't swim towards them, otherwise that will spook them. Just sit perfectly in your group and that will attract them closer and closer. The larger whale sharks are a migratory species, so at the right time of year, again, you just have be in the right place at the right time. Just still and wait for them just to cruise past. With its strong currents, rib entry and exit, and its steep walls, Daedalus is for intermediate to advanced divers only. You need to pay attention to your depth, as watching the sharks can drop you down below your maximum depth.   Enjoyed this video? Why not check out our dive in Little Brother.

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