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Simply Scuba Dive Site Review: Carnatic, Egypt


Video transcript: Hi guys and welcome to "The Carnatic". The Carnatic is one of the older wrecks in the Red Sea. She sits in about 27 metres of water and she sunk in 1869. The Carnatic was a sail steamship that was transporting valuable cargo up towards the Suez Canal, before she sunk. Carnatic lies on her port side and when you're standing on this side of it, you can see all of the way down, through each of her decks. All of the wooden beams across each of the decks are wearing away, so you can penetrate four different layers of decks. Lots of smaller fish call The Carnatic their home and they are predated on by the local Jacks. Inside the wrecks, there are lots of small portholes to look through and really frame your shots. So, if you're into your photography, bring your camera and you can see a whole shoal of Glass Fish, just moving in and around the wreck. When you move to the bow section, as well, you get very nice circular view, all the way down the inside of the wreck. There's plenty of space inside Carnatic, so even if you're a beginner diver and not used to wreck penetration, there's plenty of space and there's always an exit for you. Sitting at 27 metres, Carnatic is perfect in recreational depths. You can spend a nice amount of time on her. And with a nice, big open space, you can spend a lot of time exploring all of her different depths. Suitable for beginner divers, all the way up to advanced divers.   If you enjoyed this video, make sure to watch our other dive site review videos including Gota Abu RamadaBig Brother and more.

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