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Simply Scuba Dive Site Review: Big Brother, Egypt


Video transcript: "Big Brother" is the larger island of the two-island "Chain of Brothers", out in the middle of The Red Sea. Big Brother does have some fairly steep sides and can have some mild drifts. The reef itself, an it's very steep walls, is home to a very wide range of soft corals and hard corals. You can get a very wide range of very colourful fish, from the smaller Antheases up to Angel Fish. And if you're lucky enough, you can see some Pelagic Sharks swimming past. On top of Big Brother reef are two wrecks, The Numidia and The Ida, which sit near vertically and are fairly deep down, starting about 25-30 metres. So they're for advanced divers only. On top of Big Brother reef, there's a lighthouse with a long jetty, that stretches out over the reef. That can attract a lot of local fish and small wildlife. With it's steep sides and mild to strong currents, Big Brother island is suitable for intermediate divers to advanced divers. You can jump off the back of the boat or you can do some rib dives off of Big Brother. Enjoyed this post? Why not check out our Little BrotherDaedalus and Elphinstone posts?

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