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Shipwreck Treasures Protected By Underwater Cage

In Croatia, a shipwreck that contains £5m worth of ancient teasures is being protected by a cage, acting like a huge, underwater safe.

The Croatian auithorites have become very concerned about people taking these valuable artefacts that they have now protected the site with a large metal cage.

The second century Greek trading vessel is lying 30 metres deep on the sea bed just off the coast of Cavtat.

Not much remains of the wooden ship, but it's cargo which was earthenware amphora – ceramic vases – are still very much there, stacked row upon row.

The vases were used originally to hold olive oil and wine and they still lay there tightly packed into the cargo hold just as they were centuries ago.

The cargo is one of the best preserved from an ancient shipwreck and has great significance. On the black market it has an estimated value of £5million.

The heavy-duty cage protecting the cargo has a large, hinged door which is kept locked except for occasional access granted to divers who are under very stict supervision.

Divers who have had the chance to visit this shipwreck have described the experience as “unique.”

You're not allowed to touch any of the cargo when you're down there as obviously it's very expensive. Only experienced divers are considered to visit the wreck because you need very good buoyancy skills so not to damage the treasures.