Shark Eats Divers Video Camera

Get a good look inside a sharks mouth in this video which was taken by a divemaster from Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas. The video is well documented by Stuart Cove and the diver himself, Marc Taggart which is backed up with still shot images by world renowned underwater photographer Stephen Frink. The photographers like to get close up shots of the sharks and inside their mouths. To do this they take on board a lot of bait, unluckily for Marc, they ran out and the Tiger Shark thought his video camera looked rather tasty instead. You get a first hand view of what it looks like to be chewed up by a Tiger Shark. Luckily for us, the Shark didn't find the video camera all that yummy, and dropped it not long after trying to chew through it.


  • Cool, good job it wasn’t too tasty – I reckon the camera maker will be pleased, good robust design there!

  • what does this doppy divemaster expect when you start baiting tiger sharks, this stuff gives diving a bad name, stick to touring bubblemakers.

    This also gives Stuarts Cove Diving a bad name.

    Jeff Scott
  • What kind of B.S is that comment? The video featuring that shark shows a diver out of control, while the shark apologists, lead by a small cadre of underwater photographers talk about “Tiger love bites” and robust cameras?

    Give me a break.

    A diver was killed in the Bahamas less then two years ago by a sloppily baited shark. Then there’s this video featuring another sloppily baited shark and no controls.

    Countdown to another death, let’s see how the shark apologists spin that one or try and salvage the shark conservation efforts in the Bahamas when it happens.

    As a community are we serious about shark diving and conservation or just a bunch of idiots with cameras hoping to score the next big shot?


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