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Scubapro Galileo 2 Dive Computer

So the Galileo 2 or G2 Dive Computer has arrived for 2017.  The G2 is a colour screen dive computer with wireless air integration and a heart rate monitor, inside the G2 has all sorts of dive modes from conventional recreational diving to apnea and CCR if you want.  A powerful rechargeable battery keeps the computer working for longer and you never have to change the battery.  




Staying with the popular shape and design of the Galileo range of computers the G2 is a bit smaller and lighter than it's predecessors.  The G2 is 85g lighter than the Sol because the unit itself is smaller and they're using a new fibreglass reinforced thermoplastic. While the screen is smaller the higher resolution allows for the same amount of information on the screen to be legible without feeling a burden on your wrist.


The TFT LCD screen is colour coded with a higher resolution so you can read information better and colour coding draws your eyes to relevant information.  The Sol had an 80p resolution while the G2 now has a 240p screen for clearer images and information.  If you prefer blue to green then you can change the colour of normal information, if you get close to a limit the information will turn yellow and eventually red unless you do something.


On top of the usual settings you can personalise the colour scheme of the screen and the layout of the dive screen. 4 modes; Light, Classic, Full and Graphical allow you to show how much or how little information is shown on the screen.  If you want a simple screen then light will show you four pieces of information while full will show all of your information on one screen, colour coded to their importance at each time. As with the previous Galileo computers you can change the orientation of the screen to have the buttons at the bottom of the screen or the top depending on your preference.


The built in Li-Ion battery will give you 50 hours of use, depending on settings, and can be topped up easily with the USB cable.  You never have to worry about changing the battery and breaking the seal as the battery can be recharged whenever you need and the battery itself can be replaced by a Scubapro Service Centre if needed.


The G2 has added Sidemount and Closed Circuit Rebreather Mode to it's dive modes on top of the traditional Air / Nitrox / Trimix / Gauge and Freediving modes making the G2 the perfect all-round dive computer for all kinds of diving.


With the Heart Rate Monitor the G2 can take your skin temperature and heart rate into account with your decompression to tailor your dive profile better than any other computer on the market.  By knowing how cold you are and how hard you are working your computer can adjust your algorithm to be more or less conservative keeping you safer and giving you longer bottom times when you're not working as hard. 


While there are plenty more upgrades and improvements over the Galileo the G2 is a fantastic all-round dive computer whether you're a beginning diver who wants a single computer to follow them through their entire dive career to advanced trimix divers who use up to 9 gas mixes and closed circuit rebreathers. The main features that sell it are the colour screen, rechargeable battery and flexibility.  Gone are the days where your dive computer would become obsolete if you wanted to move onto Nitrox or rebreathers as the G2 has pretty much every type of diving built in so you only need to buy one computer for your whole career.  You also get a range of mounting options from the standard elastomer strap to the included retractor mount and built in bungee mounting points. While there is only one G2 Dive Computer there are three different ways to buy it as the computer alone where you get the dive computer and charging cable and you can buy the transmitters and heart rate monitors separately.  The second option includes a wireless tank transmitter that connects your computer to your regulators so the G2 can tell you how much gas you have left and how long it will last in minutes based on your breathing rate.  The complete third package works out the cheapest as it includes the dive computer, transmitter and heart rate belt