ScubaPro EVO Upgrades

ScubaPro have upgraded their piston first stages to improve performance and design to give us the EVO range. The flagship Mk25 and entry level/bailout Mk2 have been upgraded to the Mk25 EVO and Mk2 EVO.





Cosmetically little has changed as the upgrades are mainly internal but ScubaPro have managed to add a blue flare to their EVO first stages.  Neither the Mk25 nor the Mk2 have ever been environmentally sealed in the conventional sense; environmentally sealed first stages prevent any and all water and contaminants from entering the body. So ScubaPro have added an internal coating to the exposed parts to isolate them from the cold water.




The main spring that reduces the interstage pressure now has an insulated coating that prevents ice from forming and improves cold-water performance by 30%. This insulating layer has been called XTIS, eXtended Thermal Insulating System, which protects the internal mechanism from freezing due to high airflow.  XTIS combined with ScubaPro’s Anti Freeze System on the Mk25EVO give better performance in water temperatures down to 2°C compared to standard piston first stages.  



Reduced Size

The Mk2EVO has also been redesigned to make it 5% shorter, which for an in-line first stage means you are less likely to bump your head on it when you look up quickly and makes it less pronounced when using it on your pony.  The Mk2EVO also has a new and improved piston that increases performance at low tank pressures to deliver a more reliable, even flow no matter the input.  





ScubaPro are forever tweaking and testing their regulators to improve their performance and this season they haven’t let themselves down.  Improving cold water performance on a first stage is never an easy task but ScubaPro have managed to improve both of their piston first stages to make them better than ever.  



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  • I was wondering why the SCUBA tank itself has not been changed in shape to fit better with the body. Often I have been hit in the head with the tanks valve while diving. Is there a reason the cylinder can’t be redesigned and made more user friendly?

    Crysta Polvinale

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