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Scuba Diving Conspiracy Theories

It’s time to don your tin foil hats people! Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory and the YouTube algorithm loves them even more. Conspiracies can be fun as long as they don’t hurt anyone and in this modern age, you find all sorts of bloops and mysterious shadows in underwater footage that prove the existence of aliens and other stuff. While there isn’t a great number of theories that involve scuba divers there are plenty that involves our mysterious oceans.


Scuba Ninja Assassin

December 11th 2013 Loretta Fuddy died soon after a plane crash. Fuddy was flying back from an annual meeting on one of the Hawaiian islands when the pilot had somehow became concussed and he refused emergency transport and chose to fly this trip instead. Fuddy who was both Mayor and state Health director of Honolulu escaped the plane crash with many others but died from heart failure whilst waiting for rescue.

Now you’re probably thinking; so what does this have to do with scuba diving? Well, one of the passengers filmed the crash and them in the water. And before the HD footage was uploaded people speculated that they could see a scuba diver surface right next to Fuddy, from the looks of the fuzzy footage the diver in question cut her life jacket before disappearing moments later.  More information is believed to be relevant in that Fuddy was the person who verified the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate and she’d just made a big payment to her mortgage recently, but this bogus theory has been disprove pretty hard online by other more sensible people.

In reality, after you’ve taken your tin foil hat off this 65-year-old suffered a cardiac arrhythmia from stress, after surviving a water landing I’d be pretty stressed out too. And looking at the footage, it’s not a scuba diving assassin, it’s just her knee and the sole of her trainer. 


The Kraken is Caught

Stories of the Kraken go back hundreds of years of a giant tentacled sea creature attacking boats and seafarers. Funnily enough, just like religious miracles, as soon as cameras were invented, sightings have stopped. That was until footage of a giant squid at the surface next to a ship was recorded in 2007. Many speculated this was one of the deadly giant sea creatures that terrorised the waves years ago and was just a small infant compared to what a fully grown sea monster could be.

Many believe it to be a Colossal squid which are pretty common down south but they’re pretty rare to see in the sunlight. But! A Kraken has been photographed from space, by Google. You can see the Kraken devouring a ship or something on Google Earth at these coordinates. So if you want to see an actual photo of the Kraken, or just a whale breaching, then copy and paste these co-ordinates into your search bar. 63° 2’56.73″S 60°57’32.38″W

Underwater alien city


Two giant underwater towers have been spotted during surveys of the Pacific Ocean floor in the middle of nowhere. Or are they in the middle of nowhere? Well, it just so happens that these two blips on a sonar result line up with the pyramids in Egypt! Coincidence? Probably…

We really need to spend more money on ocean research to map our seabeds properly and upgrade Google Earth so it doesn’t look like there are underwater landing strips and mile high towers everywhere.  They’re supposed to be here if you want to take a look: 32°30’18.54″S 149°52’34.06″W

Lonergan Theories

Ok, so everybody should know this story because there was literally a Hollywood film about it; Open Water, where a couple goes missing from a dive boat and get left behind because nobody notices they have gone missing. While it is a tragic story the conspiracy theorists have been throwing salt on the wound and having a field day with it. The first theory is the usual; they faked their own deaths to avoid something or to claim insurance somehow, but their insurance policies haven’t been touched so yeah that really doesn’t add up.

Another theory is that this was a murder-suicide. Certain pages from Tom and Eileen’s personal diaries were leaked to the press and suggested that Tom was suicidal and wanted a quick death and that Eileen would follow him anywhere. But these quotes were taken out of context and the coroner dismissed suggestions that the Lonergans had either committed suicide or faked their own disappearance.

To this day nobody knows 100% what happened and the conspiracy fire will always be burning until we find their remains.


Bloop is an audio clip from 1997 from a NOAA survey. This ultra-low frequency, high amplitude sound has yet to be identified and was picked up on an autonomous hydrophone array somewhere in the south Pacific near South America.

Originally designed to detect foreign submarines these underwater microphones are used to listen out for marine mammals, ice movement and seismology. Puzzled by the noise, because it doesn’t match any marine animal recorded and doesn’t sound like ice or rock moving scientists have just gone on record saying it’s a ‘large cryoseism’ or ice-quake because that’s the most similar thing they can find.