Scuba Diver Propulsion Vehicles

For those who love exploring among the coral reefs, diving among the giant sea turtles and colourful arrays of fish, or perhaps seeking lost treasures from sunken ships below, scuba diving can be more than a hobby and an outright passion. You may already have the latest wetsuit or drysuit on the market today, the most advanced dive computers, and a regulator at the cutting edge of technology. Yet, you may be missing one piece of scuba diving equipment that is growing in popularity due to its ability to take your scuba diving experience to the next level: scuba diver propulsion vehicles. Scuba diving propulsion vehicles act as your motor under the water, vastly superior in speed that what can be achieved from simply kicking a flippered foot can achieve. With one of these scuba diving propulsion vehicles you can not only discover more area in each dive, but be less tired by the end as well. This can extend the amount of time you are under the water, taking much of your own exertion out of the equation. Quite tempting, isn't it? Diver propulsion vehicles can be used in of course regular scuba diving, free diving, and even for snorkelling. Because these relatively compact devices are able to be charged, usually in only two hours, and then taken right to sea, you can be on your way to zipping along in no time at all. Some diver propulsion vehicles can reach up to almost 4 miles per hour, just fast enough to give you the ability to cover more distance, but not so fast that you miss all the eye catching displays of fish, sea anemones, eels, and more! Some of the leading scuba diver propulsion vehicles are made from Bladefish Seajet, and this company does an excellent job at not only supplying you with the highest standards of quality but have multiple models that will fit with any of your own unique needs. There is the Bladefish DPV Scooter 2000 that weights a mere 4.3kg, and can send you on your way at 2.5 mph up to 20 meters deep.  This nifty gadget will be ready to go in only a few hours charging its battery, and even comes complete with a computer controlled circuitry and battery life meter. Yet if you're looking to get the very most from any diver propulsion vehicle, you may want to instead turn to the Bladefish Seajet DPV Scooter 5000. Boasting a speed of 3.75mph, and able to reach depths of 50 meters below the sea, you sure won't be disappointed with the added boost from this 4.7 kg vehicle. This model too comes equipped with a computer controlled circuitry, double seals, and battery life meter. And with a quick 2 hour battery charge you will be sent to scuba diving bliss for up to 120 minutes! So don't miss out on all the benefits you too can enjoy from one of these scuba diver propulsion vehicles!

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