Scuba crew show off wreck diving

A Durris-based scuba diver has featured on a BBC show demonstrating the wreck dive opportunities along the Scottish coast. Gary Petrie is part of the Stonehaven Snorkeller's crew which carries out dives in the coastal region of Inverbervie, Gourdon and Stonehaven. The area has several wrecks of historical importance dating back to the first and second world wars. Petrie, a former oil industry worker, earned his diving qualifications from Australia in 2003. After his return to Durris, his scuba diving evolved from a hobby to more intense work with Rod McDonald, aboard the writer and wreck researcher's boat Stonehaven Diver. The boat and divers made an appearance on the BBC programme Landward on which they showcased their skills. Petrie said: "In the last few years I have moved from recreational diving, which is down to 30m using normal scuba kit and a single tank of air, to technical diving which means you can dive for much longer using small amounts of gas and therefore adds a large safety factor."

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