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Regulator & Drysuit Manuals

Here at Simply Scuba we always try to push ourselves to deliver the best service possible, from taking our own product pictures and videos of everything we sell to only selecting the best quality equipment from the entire range of SCUBA diving equipment available across the market.  What most people don't realise is that our packing team pay particular attention to high value items like drysuits and regulator sets before we ship them to the customer to make sure that you have the best consumer experience possible. With this in mind for the new diving season; we decided to produce a free Owner's Guide for all drysuits and regulator packages.  The Guides are designed to keep all of the important information like serial numbers and care instructions all in one place for your records. Untitled-1 


Before we send out any drysuit, our warehouse team inspect each and every one from head to toe looking for possible faults and making sure each suit is in perfect working order.  All of the details about your drysuit is handwritten in each guide from make and model to serial number and accessories included in the bag. Inside the Guide we detail how to put on your new drysuit, how to check if it is the correct size and explain how to arrange a free size exchange if necessary.  There is also a section on how to care for and look after your new drysuit to increase its working life.  New owners can also read through our selection of accessories recommended by our team of professional divers with years of drysuit diving experience.  


Your regulators keep you alive underwater and are classified as life support equipment, and such they need to be looked after and serviced regularly.  As with the Drysuit Owner's Guide the Regulator Owner's Guide & Service Log details the make and model of each stage of the regulator along with their serial numbers when one of our qualified technicians assemble your regulator package.  Every regulator package is connected to the test bench to check it is balanced properly and adjusted if necessary.  The guide details how to care for your regulators to better increase their lifespan as even the best regulators will fail if neglected.   Many divers are unsure what happens during a service, how often their regulators need servicing or why regulators need servicing, in our guide we explain all of this so you are better informed on what happens to a regulator when it is being serviced.  In the back of each Owner's Guide you have a servicing log book for your qualified servicing technician to complete when your regulators are serviced. >2014-12-17 12.11 


The Guides are being sent out now with every Drysuit and every Regulator Package we send out but if you would like a blank one for your regulator package or drysuit you have bought from us previously please feel free to ask.

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