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Passenger Plane Makes Its Final Journey

Hundreds turned up at the Capernwray Diving Centre in Kellet, near Carnforth in the wind and rain to watch the 70ft Hawker Siddeley 748 passenger plane make its final journey as it was submerged into the quarry. Situated on the edge of the beautiful Lake District and less than a mile from the M6 motorway, Capernwray Diving Centre is a special place. We have been welcoming divers from all over the country. Since 1995, Capernwray has grown and developed into the most progressive and professional scuba diving operations in the UK. We offer a unique product; a stunning location, amazingly clear water, excellent in-water attractions with huge and friendly fish The plane needed a massive crane and a skilled team of workers with several hours to make sure the plane was hoisted and lowered into the water carefully. The wreckage will become the diving centres main attraction because divers flock from all over to investigate plane wrecks.


The Capernway diving centre had been looking for a big wreck to put in the water for a few years,  so they were delighted when they got the chance last year with the Hawker Siddeley and couldn't refuse. They had it come to the dive centre from Blackpool which was quite a big job because it had to be cut up in order to travel there. They've been working on it all winter including re-attaching the wings to get it ready for its last journey. There's lots of aeroplane wrecks all over the world but most of them are bits and pieces of plane. The Hawker wreckage is different because it's still intact, so divers can truly appreciate the actual size of the whole plane as they explore through it.  The owner of the dive centre had hoped to put a shipwreck underwater, but there were concerns it wouldn't be possible because they would've had to have transported along the narrow country lanes that lead to the dive centre. The plane has been submersed alongside a World War II, 60ft minesweeper which was used to patrol the Preston docks as well as two helicopters, boats, yachts and two 12ft fibreglass horses from the Pleasure Beach at Blackpool, Lord Lucan and Shergar.  A resident from the area said “This is a great business opportunity for the dive centre and the local community because it will bring more people to the area.” You will find the Capernwray Diving Centre on the edge of the picturesque Lake district which is less than a mile off of the M6. They have been welcoming divers since 1995 and the centre has become one of the most progressive and professional dive operations in the UK. Now, with this extra attraction, stunning location, clear waters and friendly fish, the Capernwray Dive Centre is sure to become even more popular.