PADI Certification Cards To Go Digital

To keep up with the times PADI recently announced they will be including a new eCard option into their existing smartphone app later this year. PADI's app - currently available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry will allow recreational and professional divers to carry their certification card around on their phone which means they are less likely to leave it at home. This eCard will include all the basic information currently on your certification card such as name, certification and a picture for identification. But it will also feature a QR code, which if scanned will pop up PADI's website with a confirmation of that diver and their certification level. What would you rather have? A physical card, electronic version or both? Please feel free to comment below. Personally we would like to see both options available as they compliment each other nicely.


  • I like the idea of having both, physical and electronic. Would I have to leave my iphone with dive sites if I hired gear etc…………………not sure I would do that but don’t mind leaving the physical version.

  • Sounds like a really good idea. If you just scan a barcode, and it pops up a secure site with all your qualifications and dates it can keep track of your extra courses saves having lots of papers when going on speciality dives. Could later be used to track all your dives when the tech evolves!

    Rhian W
  • since iv been diving i have only once been asked for my cert card at a dive site !, i have had to show my Nitrox cert when getting a fill but you have to do that !!!. if more sites ask for a cert card most would carry it with them as part of their kit.

  • I am not opposed to the introduction of eCards, and I can see that for some it would be advantageous. However I am happy with the current system and I would be unhappy if eCards became the only option.

    Mike O'Brien

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