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To compliment our new Apnea / Freediving range of equipment we've decided to take on a new brand here at Simply Scuba called Omer-Sub. Originated in Italy, like so many of the other great freediving manufacturers, Omer produce a wide range of equipment for freedivers and spearfishers.  Omer is the only brand we stock that only designs and manufactures Apnea equipment, they don't bother with SCUBA or any other type of watersports so they can focus purely on freediving.  omer 


Omer started life in the late '70s in Northern Italy where freediving and spearfishing is very common and popular.  The popularity of spearfishing in the area created a demand for high quality equipment from champion level divers which sparked founder Valerio Grassi, who had a background with firearms working for one of the largest firearm manufacturer in the world Beretta. Grassi took his experience in design and manufacturing of spearguns from Beretta to produce a fine range of high precision and unique spearguns and spearfishing accessories.  Ever since then Omer has built on it's technology and reputation to build ever better and more efficient equipment each generation for 20 years. Since then Omer have paired with other companies like Beta Tools, Sporasub and most recently in 2013 AquaLung to better expand their awareness and distribution.   Omer have a long line of Champion Spearfishers who use their equipment and most recently Luigi Puretti has joined that list winning the 2016 Italian Spearfishing Championship in Sardinia becoming the 10th Omer-Sub athlete to win in the 27 years of activity of the team.  


2016 RANGE

The 2016 range of Omer equipment sees the new Apnea Mask in both a standard and mirrored version with the ever popular and hard wearing Stingray Long Fins, the Unique Slalom Snorkel that wraps around the back of your head for a more streamlined breathe. Cayman Spearguns are among the most accurate and high-spec guns on the market.  The ET Roller with it's pulley system lets you adjust the power in the slings quickly in the water so you only need one gun for a range of hunting.  And for 2016 Omer have released the Special Edition which has a triple circular sling muzzle and integrated reel. Omer spearguns have unique barrels, the Roller  for example has a cuttlefish shape cross-section and wrap-around rail so your shaft stays inside without the possibility of bouncing out.  The Special Edition has a flattened section  down the barrel for better hydroforming so it is easier to turn and aim.



Widely considered one of the best all-time freediving champions Pelizzari has established world records in all of the existing freediving disciplines in his era.  With all of his extensive knowledge and experience of freediving Pelizzari has lended his knowledge to designing and creating an elite range of Omer equipment. Combining Pelizzari's experience, MOMODESIGN's Italian style and Omer's freediving know-how has produced the Signature UP Range of equipment for the most demanding freediver for complete efficiency.  



Everything from masks and fins to dive computers and spearguns, Omer-Sub manufacture some of the highest quality gear available today for all types of freedivers.  

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