Oceanic Mandatory Replacement – QLR3 Weight Pockets

Oceanic has announced a mandatory replacement of all affected BCDs that use the QLR3 weight pocket system. The affected BCDs include the Excursion 2, Probe HLC and Ocean Pro 1000D (not sold in the UK). Following isolated reports of the weight pockets unexpectedly releasing Oceanic engineers have identified that a limited number of QLR3 weight pockets systems have been affected by inconsistencies in the materials used. An alternative material have been tested and selected that provides superior performance and locking ability. Oceanic advises owners of affected BCDs to immediately stop use of the pockets until they have been inspected and replaced if necessary. The weight pockets that need to be replaced are easily identifiable by a black backing (stiffener) which also secures the quick release mechanism to the pocket. The replacement pockets use a grey material which is easy to differentiate from the original version.


Whilst checking the pockets owners are advised to inspect the integrity of the fixed (female) buckle that is attached to the BCD for signs of stress or damage. The two plastic pieces that form the buckle are held together through the BCD material using plastic posts with mushroom caps on the inside. If any of the posts and caps are damaged or missing and allowing the two covers to separate then the assemble will need to be replaced by an Authorised Oceanic Dealer.

Fixed (female) Buckle Inspection

Oceanic have set up a very simple online form at www.oceanicww.com/qlr3 for affected owners to request replacement weight pockets to be sent out directly. All you'll need to do is add your BCD serial number (instructions are given on where to find it) and provide your address to send the pockets. Replacement pockets are already available in the UK and will be despatched very quickly to reduce the amount of time you'll be without them. For full inspection instructions visit the Oceanic Safety Notices page here

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