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New Suunto DX Rebreather Compatible Dive Computer

Suunto DX Dive Computer


Introducing the new Suunto DX Dive Computer, the new flagship watch sized computer that can boast to be the world's first small format computer to support not only air, nitrox and trimix but also act as a non-monitoring setpoint computer that is compatible with any rebreather. Suunto have even created a new algorithm for the DX, the Suunto Fused RGBM. This new algorithm has been developed with Dr. Bruce Wienke to improve the diving experience for both recreational and technical divers by combining the two together and allowing the DX to automatically switch between them. Recreational divers benefit from maximised bottom times and technical or deep divers benefit from slower, continuous ascents that minimise the total decompression time. The computer will be available with a choice of an elastomer strap set or with a full titanium bracelet. Both versions feature the titanium body with black finish and tough, scratch resistant sapphire glass.

Suunto DX Dive Computer with Elastomer Strap 


Suunto DX Dive Computer with Elastomer Strap




Suunto DX Dive Computer with Titanium Bracelet Suunto DX Dive Computer with Titanium Bracelet  

The Suunto DX is based upon the award winning D9tx model that was the first to introduce trimix support into a watch sized computer so the recreational features are the same (with the exception of the new Fused algorithm) which include:

  • Mixed gas support (Nitrox, Trimix)
  • Gas switching between up to eight different gases
  • 3D tilt compensating electronic compass
  • Dot matrix display
  • Optional wireless transitter
  • Built in dive planner
  • PC/Mac interface (cable supplied)
  • On board graphical log and profiles
  • Compatibility with Suunto's online community - Movescount.com
  The new features that the DX provides for rebreather divers include:
  • Non-monitoring setpoint support for any rebreather
  • Configure up to three different diluents
  • Adjustable high and low setpoints as well as custom setpoint during the dive
  • Automatic and manual setpoint switching
  • Possibility to switch to open circuit mode in case of bailout
  The new Suunto D10 (DX) takes the next step to help integrate rebreathers as their popularity grows and new production models and support are offered by larger companies such as Hollis.