New Suunto Dive Manager 4

Suunto have now released their latest and greatest version of the Dive Manager software which coincides with an update to their Movescount website to allow divers to join in with their online community. Dive Manager 4 is a significant graphical and usability update making the whole process of transferring your dives from your dive computer to your PC. Gone are all the complicated com port settings and replaced with a very simply computer selector, everything else is handled by the software. For those that want to share their dives with friends (or the entire world if preferred) Suunto have integrated diving into their online community at This article will quickly run through the setup and configuration of DM4 and also the transfer of your previous dive information from DM3 to DM4. DM4 is download at this URL . You do not need to be a member of the Movescount community to download the software. Install the software and run through the initial setup wizard so that DM4 knows what dive computer it should be looking for. Once the setup is complete, plug in your cable so that it can be recognised by the PC. If you have previously used DM3 it is a good idea to import your dives now so that there are no duplications when you connect your dive computer. To do this start up DM3 and log in to your profile. Once loaded select dive 1 from the list, scroll to the last dive, hold down the SHIFT key and select the last dive. All of your dives should now be highlighted. Next click FILE on the top menu bar and select EXPORT. A new window should appear with all your dives listed ready for exporting. I would recommend changing the export location to the DESKTOP by selecting BROWSE and navigating to the desktop and clicking SAVE. Finally click EXPORT and then finish. Close DM3. If DM4 isn't already running start it up. Select DX from the top men bar then IMPORT. Navigate to your desktop and highlight the DIVELOGS.SDE file (there should only be one) and click open to complete the import. Now that the dives have been imported you can connect your dive computer and transfer any new dives to your PC. All of this is now handled automatically and a notification will be displayed on the left when the transfer is complete. With everything transferred to your PC why not share your dives with your friends and the rest of the world by uploading them to If you are already a member then simply enter your email address after clicking the CONNECT button in the bottom left of DM4 and follow the activation process. If you aren't a member it will run through the setup with you to get you going. Once DM4 is linked with your dives will be automatically uploaded ready for you to fill out the information. If you like the look of Movescount why not join our Simply Scuba group here  and share your dives with us and other members. Happy diving!