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New Sealife DC2000 Camera

The SeaLife DC2000 Underwater Camera is the long waited successor to the popular DC1400 which gave you more control over your pictures in the water.  As the name suggests the DC2000 has been upgraded from a 14MP to a 20MP sensor. The DC2000 was made for photographers who want more than just a point and shoot camera to compose their pictures further.  Control over settings whilst diving make it an advanced camera and the way it's assembled make it great for multi-sports not just diving.   DC2000-


So the interesting bits about the DC2000 are it's SONY® 1" type back-illuminated 20MP image sensor to collect as much information possible for crystal clear images.  RAW formatting gives you better control after the picture is taken to edit and adjust levels on each photo. An Ultra-Fast Focus and Shutter Response is incredibly responsive to snap images quickly before your subject moves. You have full control of the Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO settings and quick access to other modes including an Intelligent Scene Mode that will change the settings to best suit what you're shooting.  For when you're in the water you can manually set the white balance or use one of the built in colour correction filters set for Shallow Water, Deep Water and Green Water to quickly adjust the colour of your photos.   2017-02-01-10.12.17  The Internal Camera itself is waterproof to 18m and the case extends that down to 60m so if you're just snorkelling or taking pictures in the rain you don't have to worry about the camera getting wet.  Built into the case is a section for a moisture guard if moisture builds up inside so condensation won't form in front of the lens.   depthDC2000


The external case is over-sized making the camera easy to use even with gloves. Large piano-key buttons and a rotating mode switch give you all the controls you need in the water to change modes and settings quickly. Downloading photos is easy too with a USB cable or wirelessly through the SeaLife App (available on Androidand iOS).  While connected to your smartphone or tablet you can download photos, control the camera and GeoTag photos.  


By itself the camera is powerful but thanks to the 1/4-20 mount on the base of both the camera and the housing you can upgrade the camera with the range of SeaLife Lighting options.  The SeaDragon 2300 was designed in collaboration with the DC2000 with a built in light sensor that adjusts the power output depending on your proximity to your subject.  The Underwater Flash is a perfect accompaniment to the DC2000 too to bring the colours back to your pictures SL746-DC2000-Pro-Duo-3q-leftSL7400-DC2000-Pro-Light-3q-leftDC2000-Pro-Flash-3q-left

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