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New Florida Snorkel Trail Opens

One of Florida’s most popular snorkelling destinations has opened a new Snorkel Trail. The Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail is located on Lake Worth Lagoon, near the southern shoreline of Phil Foster Park – and within an area protected from boating access. Lake Worth is in Palm Beach County, on the Sunshine State's east coast. This is a hot spot for snorkelers. You can snorkel from the beach or join a charter boat for snorkelling. Another popular option is drift snorkelling, where you are dropped off by a boat along with a diver's flag and then picked up when you are finished snorkelling. The boat drifts alongside you but is not anchored, so there's no need to swim for very long distances to get to the best dive spots.


Lake Worth Beach and Fishing Pier: Located in the Lake Worth Lagoon, Snook Island Natural Area is home to 100 acres of wetland habitat and two acres of oyster beds. 
Horseshoe Reef: Located about a mile northeast of the Lake Worth Pier and accessible only by boat. It’s reputed as a haven for hawksbill and loggerhead turtles in the summertime. This spot is also perfect for beginner snorkelers because of the ledge, which is covered in soft corals and algae. There are lots of tiny holes and caves where lobsters, eels and crabs hang out. 
Peanut Island: This snorkelling hotspot is situated in the Lake Worth Lagoon about 20 minutes north of the City of Lake Worth. You can reach the island by water taxi or kayak. This is an amazing place and has 70 acres of beachfront with lots of snorkeling opportunities, especially for children and beginner snorkellers. Expect clear waters and lots of tropical fish. 
Coral Cove Park: Located close to the coastal town of Jupiter, Coral Cove offers amazingly clear water and lots of fish to see. Coral Cove is actually a two-acre, man-made limestone artificial reef that is home to many species of tropical game fish, moray eels and grouper.

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