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New Diver Trail Opened in Plymouth

A new diver trail opened on the protected 17th century Coronation warship wreck off Plymouth is attracting a huge number of diving enthusiasts. The 90-gun Second Rate warship, which sank in the year 1691, was one of the first wrecks to be designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973.


The dive site in Devon was opened in April this year, and even ahead of its official launch around 450 divers from 55 clubs registered their interest to explore the trail. Licensee Mark Pearce, a visitor, told Divernet: "There's been such a fantastic response to the opening of the trail. "We had 194 divers and 20 groups in May, and have recruited more diver guides from the local community to help us share the load. "One group moaned that their dive organiser had made a big mistake in booking just one dive on the site, so they are coming again in July. "We have started 'singles evenings' on local charter boats to help non-club divers to come and visit. So far, the furthest traveller has been from Nottingham, just for the dive evening. The rest of the season looks as busy."