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New Apeks XTX Range Now Available

New Apeks XTX Range 
We have received our first batch of the new and updated Apeks XTX range. The range includes the coldwater favourites including the XTX 40 DS4, XTX 40 DST, XTX 50 DST, XTX 100 and XTX 200 regulators. The update adds a new fresh design and styling features including new badges and first stage etching, revised front cover design, control levers and knobs, braided low pressure hoses and a number of other subtle changes. So far we have the following regulators in stock with more to follow very shortly: Apeks XTX 40 DS4 Regulator
XTX 40 DS4 Regulator A great entry level Apeks regulator provides full cold water protection thanks to the environmental seal along with a fully balanced first and second stage for excellent performance and air flow regardless of depth and cylinder pressure. The XTX 40 second stage features a diver operated venturi lever to give control over internal air flow. In the negative position air is forced back into the housing and helps to close the valve but in the positive position air is sent directly to the mouthpiece for maximum flow.    
 Apeks XTX 50 DST Regulator
 XTX 50 DST Regulator The XTX 50 DST is a couple of steps up from the XTX 40 DS4 with the addition of a second high pressure port, the low pressure ports are moved to a swivelling turret for easy hose routing and the second stage gains an external diver adjustable inhalation control as well an interchangeable exhaust covers (wide or compact – both supplied). The control knob allows the diver to adjust the effort required to open the valve, winding in will make it harder whilst winding out will increase performance and reduce the effort needed to open the valve.   
Apeks XTX 100 Regulator   
XTX 100 Regulator The XTX 100 uses an Apeks FST first stage balanced diaphragm first stage finished in a satin coating. The satin finish is also extended to the metal trim components of the second stage. The first stage is still protected by a dry chamber environmental seal but has four low and two high pressure ports in fixed positions. The ports are however orientated to offer convenient hose routing. The XTX 100 second stage has all the same features of the XTX 50 second stage but with the satin finish.   Apeks XTX 200 Regulator   
XTX 200 Regulator The XTX 200 uses an Apeks FSR first stage similar the XTX 100 with a high performance balanced diaphragm design. Four low and two high pressure fixed position ports can be found on the main body. The XTX 200 second stage is the same high performance balanced design as found in the XTX 50 and 100 with the venturi and inhalation adjustment for diver customisation. The XTX 200 is finished with a polished chrome finish on all metal components.  Apeks XTX 40 Octopus
XTX 40 Octopus No regulator set is complete without a compatible redundant second stage. The XTX 40 octopus has been given the same update treatment as the primary regulators and sport the new stylish design but in a yellow trim for improved visibility. The traditional rubber hose has been replaced with a standard octopus length braided hose for improved UV protection, higher burst pressure, reduced weight and improved flexibility.     Apeks XTX 50 Octopus
XTX 50 Octopus The XTX 50 octopus gets the same make over as the 40 octopus but with the addition of a revised inhalation control knob to match the new design.           More models will be available soon including the XTX 40 DST and packages and a full compliment of our products will follow very shortly. Check out the full Apeks Regulator range on our website.