Most Haunted Shipwrecks

While some ships are artificially sunk, others have a more tragic ending. And despite the sad end to these ships they are a great place to dive; but you might not be diving alone! These five shipwrecks are reportedly haunted, so keep an eye out for any ghostly goings-on...  

SS Andrea Doria

The 697 foot passenger liner made her maiden voyage in 1953. However only three years later tragedy struck. Clouded in thick fog, she collided with another passenger liner, Stockholm. Half of Doria’s lifeboats were destroyed. The ship took 11 hours to sink and 1,660 passengers were rescued. But sadly 46 people were killed. Divers had reported seeing strange things in their corner of their vision. The ship now lies at 73 metres.  

S.S. Thistlegorm

Thistlegorm is highly regarded as one of the best dive wrecks in the world. In 1941 the armed merchant ship was bombed by German aircraft in the Red Sea. Nine crewmembers lost their lives in the attack. This is a graveyard of military history. You can see motorcycles, trucks and cars. Divers always seem to come back to this site and find something new.  

HMS Rhone

The UK Royal Mail ship was struck by a hurricane near the British Virgin Islands in 1867. It is believed that 124 people died. Many divers have claimed to experience strange things while exploring this wreck. These include hearing screams and being touched. What makes this even more disturbing is that some passengers were tied to their bunks to prevent injuries from the storm. The ship rests at a depth of 24 metres.  

Salem Express, Red Sea

The Salem Express is renowned for its tragic ending. In 1991 this 100 metre length passenger ship collided with the Hyndman Reefs. This caused the bow to blow open. It is believed that 470 people lost their lives. Although many of the bodies were recovered some were left in their watery grave. Inside the bowels of the ship you will find items frozen in time. Cars, TVs and perhaps most tragically children’s toys and clothes. I have been there myself as it is very creepy. The ship rests in 30 metres of water with its highest point at 12 metres.  

Chuuk Lagoon

This is the world’s largest underwater graveyard. Hidden beneath the waters in the Central Pacific lies the resting place of thousands of people and ships. 60 ships, 275 aircrafts and human remains litter the ocean floor. In 1944 Allies launched a full-scale attack on a Japanese base called Operation Hailstone where 3,000 people lost their lives. Ships such as the Shinkoku Maru, are now alive with bright vivid corals and fish.   Have you dived in any of these wrecks? Do you think that these shipwrecks could be haunted? Let us know in the comments.  

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