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Miflex Hi-Pressure Hoses

Miflex hoses have been steadily appearing on divers’ regulator sets since their first launch as divers are becoming more and more aware of the great benefits that these hoses can offer. Not only are the hoses much lighter they are also much more durable, providing up to three times the expected life of a standard hose thanks to its clever double layer braiding and UV resistance. The high pressure hoses offer the most visible benefit with hoses being of a very small diameter making hose routing on otherwise stiff and cumbersome high hose much easier. There is also a safety benefit to the Miflex hose with the low pressure hoses offering a burst pressure of typically twice that of a standard hose and in excess of 2,000 bar for the high pressure hoses. Miflex were not content with their achievements so far though and have been carefully listening to feedback from both the amateur and commercial markets and have announced the release of a number of new and updated high pressure products which are the: Xtreme-hi + HP hoses| Xtreme-hi + Cascade HP Hoses | Xtreme-hi Shock Absorber   The Xtreme-hi + HP hoses are an upgrade to the existing HP range. Following feedback and testing in the commercial market Miflex have designed a hose protector specifically for their hoses to prevent wear on the joint between the coupling and the braiding. Even though the braiding is tightly bound and fixed to the hose core by steel or brass bands, Miflex wanted to make the best hoses currently on the market so have gone the extra step to improve the durability and life expectancy of the hose. The Xtreme-hi + Cascade HP hoses have an increase internal bore for improved air flow. The hoses have been specifically designed for equalising and filling sets to cut the time required to complete the task. They have all the same benefits and features of the standard Xtreme-hi + HP hoses. The Xtreme-hi Shock Absorbers are also available to buy separately for all those divers that have already taken the step to change their HP hoses, giving extra impact protection and improved safety to existing hoses. It also acts as a centralising sleeve for some gauges such as the Suunto CB range that required standard hose diameter to fill the hose entry point.  The shock absorbers come with simple and clear instructions and are very easy to fit.