Mares Icon HD Upgrade

After months and months of speculation and rumour Mares have now finally announced the release of the Icon HD Air featuring an all new wireless integration option. All the original features including a full colour LCD screen, intuitive software, digital compass, pc interface, photo and map upload, etc are all still built into the new model. Click to see the Mares Icon HD Air or here to see the Mares Icon Transmitter. Mares has also announced that existing Icon HD owners are able to 'upgrade' their current unit for the new model at a cost of £400 (basically the cost of the new transmitter). It isn't an upgrade as such, more of a replacement as the original unit doesn't have the required hardware to support the wireless integration. Your £400 will get you a brand new Icon HD Air, a transmitter and a new 12 warranty. The offer is available for the next six months only (starting mid June 2011) and stock will be allocated on a first come, first served basis with stock being prioritised to upgrading customers before retailers and new customers can start to get their hands on them. Demand is expected to be high for the initial stock so make sure you get in early.

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