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Mares and rEvo

As of the 1st of July 2016 Mares, part of the HEAD Group, have acquired the well known rebreather brand rEvo.  This follows the release of the Mares technical brand of equipment Mares XR for Extended Range open circuit diving which they will add the rEvo Closed Circuit Rebreather to.  



The original Revolution rebreather was released in 2007 which has since grown in popularity and evolved over the years into the 3rd generation with the Standard, Mini and Micro FT versions today. Closed Circuit Rebreathers work by recirculating your exhaled gas back to you after cleaning the CO2 out of it and topping up the O2 and volume when needed.  This allows you to stay down longer and customise your breathing mix during the dive for the most efficient ppO2 for your profile while breathing from a much smaller cylinder than Open Circuit.


What makes rEvo units different is the size thanks to the Dual Scrubber assembly which uses significantly less CO2 scrubber than other units on the market.  The rEvo is also very customisable with a choice of electronics, size, weight and the rMS System that provides a more accurate assessment of your CO2 scrubber. Divers around the world like the rEvo because of it's reliability, efficiency and ease of use.  The Dual scrubber reduces the size of the unit and allows you to swap out half your scrubber if you've only completed a short dive so you don't have to change out all of your scrubber.  The electronics and sensors can be swapped out and upgraded easily.  




This progression has come from Mares' keen ambition to improve technology and innovations in diving equipment.  HEAD/Mares recently acquired the international SCUBA training agency SSI which teaches courses from Apnea/Freediving to Recreational and Technical Open Circuit qualifications and also CCR rebreather courses. Mares have always produced reliable SCUBA equipment that only gets better and better with each generation and now the collaboration between rEvo and Mares' R&D Dept. can produce a great Unit.  Mares has the strength and reach to build the rEvo name to a higher level and open the availability and bring this level of rebreather to more divers. 



No, rEvo CEO Paul Raymaekers has stated that one of the reasons for joining with Mares is to hand over the future of the business to the capable hands of Mares but rEvo will continue to manage and develop rEvo Units with the support of Mares' distribution, facilities and R&D power. The current staff structure that we know at rEvo will continue to run rEvo and develop the next generation of units in a way that will be more accessible to the average diver who wants to move towards rebreathers.

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