Lloyd Scott To Retire After Repeating His Diving Suit Marathon

Lloyd Scott who is famous for completing various crazy challenges for charity is set to retire after completing next years London marathon. Lloyd Scott has become famous not because of the challenges he has completed but how he has completed them, for instance, the London Marathon as the iron giant! Here are some of the crazy challenges he has done in aid of charity:
  • 1993 Marathon over Everest
  • 1998 Death valley marathon (135 miles)
  • 2002 London Marathon in deep sea diving suit
  • 2003 Underwater marathon at Loch Ness
  • 2004 Ride across Australia on a penny farthing
  • 2006 London Marathon in suit of armour dragging a 140kg dragon
  • 2007 London Marathon dressed as Indian Jones dragging a boulder
  • 2011 London Marathon Crawl dressed as Brian the snail from the Magic Roundabout
For the 2012 London Marathon he is planning a repeat of his deep sea diving suit (which weighs in at 69kg) challenge for which he has become most famous. Over the years he has raised more than £5m for charity showing his feats are more than worthwhile.

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