Leaping Calf Spotted in New Quay

Cardigan Bay Dolphin watchers were given a real treat when they spotted a leaping calf in the water. The calf, spotted in New Quay Harbour in Ceredigon, was said to only be a few days old according to the marine conservation charity, Sea Watch. The animal wasn't on it's own either, it's mother and two other dolphins were also seen leaping in and out of the water. Sea Watch hold a annual dolphin and whale watch from the 7th to 15th August which they are urging locals and visitors to join in on. Danielle Gibas, Sea Watch research assistant said; “We thought that they were feeding. They were soon joined by two other adult dolphins and there was a lot of splashing around.” “ They then all moved to the west side of the harbour before going out of sight. The calf started leaping when the other two dolphins joined them and then continued to do so regularly – up to ten times during the sighting.” The researchers at Sea Watch said that when a calf is in the womb it is folded so that the tail is near the head. This makes lumps and bumps on the calves blubber; so within the first week of a calves life, these folds can easily be seen and they fade as they get older. This was clearly a young calf because the folds on it were very strong.

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