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Lavacore Exposure Protection

Let me introduce you to the new Lavacore range. A new multi purpose baselayer for wet suits and dry suits. The technology behind the product line involves the combination of three different fabric layers to provide an incredibly breathable yet waterproof material.


The outer layer is made from a polytherm layer which creates a waterproof barrier, really helping to reduce windchill. The middle layer is a windproof layer of Polyurethane that allows perspiration to be drawn away from the skin to increase comfort.


The inner layer is a micro fleece fabric which helps to hold the water or air against the skin, allowing it to warm up and maintain your core temperature.


Even with the Polyurethane layer the overall fabric is surprisingly stretchy, making it very easy to get on and off. Combine that stretch with the soft micro fleece inner layer and you have a very comfortable base layer.


What makes the Lavacore range particularly useful is that any of the products can be used wet or dry use. Whether it is water or air that makes up the thermal layer, the material traps that insulating layer and prevents it from moving round. Your body then heats the layer of water or air, helping to retain your warmth. The Lavacore material provides the same thermal properties of 2.5mm neoprene but unlike neoprene it is neutrally buoyant so there is no need to add extra weight to offset this additional thermal layer. 


The range includes: Lavacore Short Sleeved Shirts in Male and Female cuts Lavacore Long Sleeved Shirts in Male and Female cuts Lavacore Hooded Vest in Male and Female cuts Lavacore Full Length Suits in Male and Female cuts Lavacore Vest in Male and Female cuts Lavacore Unisex Pants Lavacore Unisex Shorts Lavacore Unisex Hood Lavacore Unisex Boots

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