Just Released - The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau

EDIT: Congratulations to Tim Priest, the winner of the boxset! During the 60's and 70's millions tuned in to watch the groundbreaking TV series 'The Underwater World of Jacques Cousteau' which featured the renowed explorer bringing the hidden wonders of our underwater world into our living rooms for the very first time. Now 40 years on  Go Entertain presents a 19 disc box set of the show which chronicles the adventures of Cousteau and his crew aboard the Calypso as they travel from the Icy Antartica to the coral jungles of the tropics.

Fancy winning this boxset? Comment why you want it below.

The best comment will win the boxset this Friday. Alternatively, you can buy the boxset on Play.


  • Jacques Cousteau is now the pet name I am being called by my family.

    Arran Errington
  • Because I was brought up in his era, i would love to see all that he has achieved for the future of diving, and as my wife is a non-diver it would be nice for her to enjoy the experience.

    Ian adams
  • Loving his work – certainly I take issue with some bits (smashing coral, anyone?) but what a wonderful adventurer!

  • I would love to own this DVD box set I am a disabled student and am now off until September and could really do with something to do to keep me out of trouble!

    Graham woolridge
  • This sounds like a really great set of DVDs,this is one set that really is missing from my collection,Jacques Cousteau is simply an amazing diver.I would love to dive half the places that he dived

    Mark Smith

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