Introducing the new Waterproof Sports Series

Waterproof W30 Sports Series   Waterproof produce some of the best fitting, most comfortable wetsuits that we have ever come across. Yes, they are more expensive than others but the phrase 'you get what you pay for' will never be more true. Up until now Waterproof wetsuits have been designed and intended for colder waters with 5mm and 7mm suits but Waterproof have been listening to requests for thinner suits, allowing divers and snorkellers the chance to take their suits to warmer climates. And so the Sports Series was born which so far includes male and female 2.5mm steamers, shorties and matching neoprene accessories. Like the vast majority of Waterproof wetsuits, the Sport Series uses 100% Microcell CR neoprene to allow plenty of stretch, making the suits and accessories easy to get on and really comfortable to wear. The W30 full steamer suit provides complete coverage and thermal protection. The wetsuit is expertly cut to fit perfectly with snug rolled seals at the neck, wrist and ankles to help retain the heated water very effectively. To help prevent divers and snorkellers from sliding around on the boat or shore line Waterproof have coated the rear seat area with an anti-slip finish for extra traction. The same anti-slip material can be found on the wrists where a dive computer or watch would be fitted, significantly reducing the risk of it sliding off. The shoulders and knee have also seen an extra abrasion protection layer to prolong the life of the suit in these high wear areas. The W30 steamers also launch the new Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock (WPAD) which allows quick attachment of accessories. The first accessory to be available is the Tech Pocket which is an expandable pouch that gives divers and snorkellers a handy pocket with internal d-ring to store and anchor items. The W30 2.5mm thick shorty suit is basically the same as the steamer but with short sleeves and legs. The shorties are not fitted with the WPAD dock.   To compliment these new suits Waterproof has also released new neoprene accessories including a hood, gloves and socks: Waterproof H30 2mm HoodThe H30 is a 2mm thick, lightweight hood that gives divers who feel the cold that extra protection against the elements and improving comfort.       Waterproof G30 Gloves   The G30 are simple 2.5mm thick superstretch gloves but have been glued and blindstitched to reduce water flushing through. An abrasion protection and anti-slip layer has been added to the palm of the glove to increase the life.     Waterproof S30 SocksThe S30 socks were added to the range to help counter the effects of rubbing and chafing of the feet when exposed to water for long periods of time. Skin becomes softer and is susceptible to blisters and sores from fin foot pockets. The S30 becomes the barrier between your feet and the fins eliminated friction sores and also giving a little extra warmth. The socks are coated with an anti-slip layer on the soles and heels to aid moving around on slippery surfaces and also to help prevent your fins moving around on your feet.   The Waterproof Sports Series are expected to be available in September but if you like what you see use the 'notify me' facility on any of the products and we'll let you know as soon as they come into stock.  

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