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Introducing The TUSA Hyflex Switch Fins

For 2017 TUSA are releasing their newest fin the Hyflex Switch. The Hyflex Switch is part of a new generation of fin that uses modern materials and techniques combined with modern understanding of fluid dynamics to create an efficient fin that is made for the modern travelling diver. The most obvious feature of the Switch fins is the joint separation but there are many hidden features all over the fin that make it more efficient and convenient for you.


The first improvement over most traditional fins is the Purimax material the blade is made from which gives you a better snap in the water. Polyeurethane material gives a better response to your movements in the water so your fins won't feel floppy but responsive so the smallest adjustment you make will have a greater effect in the water.    



On the underside of the blade are six small ridges that might not look like much but they work to reduce drag and resistance by creating tiny vortexes between them which makes a smoother and more efficient kick cycle. This combined with the vented design eliminates a lot of the usual drag that forms between the foot pocket and the blade.    



For the travelling diver the foot pocket and blade can be separated to make them smaller to fit into smaller bags. I'll be honest, the first time I read about a fin that separates I was worried about the weakpoint created but trying the fins myself the joint is strong and reliable. Two small metal bolts lock the blade onto the foot pocket securely but even without them the joint is substantial enough to keep the blade in position.


A brand new foot pocket uses dual materials to transfer energy from your feet down to the blade. The softer rubber changes shape to your boots applying pressure evenly during each part of the fin kick while the harder material transfers energy from your legs down to the blade.  



Hyflex Switch is the first fin to be fitted with TUSA's Universal Bungee Heel Strap which is a one-size-fits-all bungee strap that you can adjust yourself easily. The bungee makes it quick and easy to put your fins on and take them off single handed and apply a constant pressure to hold them on your feet even when your wetsuit compresses at depth so you don't have to adjust them. Each buckle has three adjustment points so you can shorten and lengthen the strap depending on how tight you want it. The heel grip is shaped to wrap around your heel and grip it better so the strap is less likely to slip off.  



The blade of the fin is raised up with an elbow then angles down at 20° to give you an effective angle of attack. Flat blades create drag so blades that angle downwards are more efficient but can be harder to walk in on a flat deck but the elbow gives the Switch a flat profile and an angled blade.

Available in three colours and sizes the Hyflex Switch is definitely a fin to consider if you're in the market, whether you're a travelling diver or you like to dive at home.