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How To Deploy a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy


Today we're going to demonstrate a couple of ways on how to deploy a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, using a spool reel.   First of all, you have to signal to your buddy that you're okay, ready to deploy your SMB, by using these hand signals shown in the video above. Get out your SMB, get out your reel and the first thing you need to do is attach your reel to your SMB. Unravel your SMB a little bit, just so you can get that bottom line.


With your finger spool, take out the double-ended bolt snap and secure that onto a D-Ring. Make sure it's secure, so it doesn't fall off.   Pull out the first end of the reel, just so that you got the leader. Pass it through your hands and pass the reel through the webbing of the SMB and then back through the leader. That produces a nice secure knot, so your reel is attached to your SMB. Unravel the SMB and take your time. Just organize everything, keep it away from your body, because line around your body just tends to snag. Secure your alternate air source, make sure it works and place it on the under side, inside of your DSMB. Give it a small puff of air, just to put some air in. And then, fully inflate it and let it go.  


After it's shot up to the surface, keep hold of your reel. Grab your double-ended bolt snap, attach it to the line, pull it nice and tight and then attach it to your reel. And that should hold it in the correct position. Re-secure your alternate air source and then grab hold of your reel and you're ready to do your Safety Stop.   Those are a couple ways that you can deploy your Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, using a finger spool. It's always best to practice in a controlled environment, like a swimming pool, before you go to the open water environment. And it's always best to learn with an instructor present, so that they can teach you, hands-on, exactly how to deploy your SMB.   For more of our advice videos, check out our YouTube channel.