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Get Your Free Octo! Offer Now On!


Save almost £100 by claiming your free R195 with a range of Scubapro primary regulators from Simply Scuba.  The R195 Octo has a Suggested Retail Price of £128 and is the perfect addition to any Scubapro regulator set.


THE R195

is Scubapro's top alternate airsource with a bright front-cover and simple purge button with an adjustable venturi pre-dive lever that will interrupt any freeflows.  The purge button features a storage mode which will save the seal from bedding in during storage with a small turn.  The reversible design can have the hose attach on either side, by a qualified Scubapro service centre, so the 1m long hose can come out from either side of the second stage for easier donation.



applies to all regulators with the A700, S600 and G260 second stages; so whenever you buy a MK25 EVO / A700 or a MK17 / G260 you can get a R195 Octopus absolutely FREE.  Simply scroll down the product page of the regulators you want to the product offer below associated products to add your free R195 Octo to your basket. Offer ends 1st July 2015.