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Galileo Recall

ScubaPro have announced a voluntary recall on 1486 UWATEC Galileo Luna and Sol Dive computers sold since May 2015 due to screen freezing issues. While no injuries have been reported ScubaPro have a Safety-First Policy to recall potentially faulty units from a range of serial numbers (S/N) detailed below . 15025-1       


All we know right now is that a few units have been reported to have their screen freeze temporarily.  Nobody's been hurt and it's only been a small number of units that have shown the problem but ScubaPro would rather err on the side of caution and get any potentially faulty units back.  



If you have a Galileo LUNA with a S/N between 1504220058001 and 1509030338005 then you are affected. If you have a Galileo SOL with a S/N between 1504230202001 and 1509210001005 then you are affected. Your Serial Number, S/N, can be found printed on your wrist unit where the strap attaches and on an adhesive sticker on the outside of your box that the computer came in.  If your serial number is outside of the two numbers above then there is no need to worry or take any further action.  



Ok, so your dive computer is affected by the recall, now you have to get your computer back to ScubaPro for them to assess and replace.  You can do this two ways, either by taking your computer to the dealer you bought it from or by contacting ScubaPro directly by emailing them at technik@Johnsonoutdoors.com with your serial number so they can advise you how to proceed. If you bought an affected unit from Simply Scuba we will go through our records and endeavor to contact affected customers on the best way to get you computer back to us but unfortunately we cannot cover costs returning units from over seas or from customers who purchased units from other dealers. Either way you decide to return your computer you need to download The ScubaPro Recall Form and send it with your dive computer so ScubaPro have a record of who the dive computer belongs to.   After you have returned your unit ScubaPro will send you a free replacement unit in early 2016.   If you have any questions please feel free to ask us by emailing hello@simplyscuba.com with 'Galileo Recall' as the subject with your Serial Number and Order Number so we can help.

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