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Fusion AirCore Drysuits

Here at Simply Scuba we’ve started to stock a new range of Apeks and Aqua Lung Fusion AirCore Drysuits.  These have been on the market for a little while now and they’re quite different from a traditional drysuit, not just the way they work but how they fit too.



This range of drysuit has an innovative twin layer design that improves flexibility and streamlining while adding a protective shell to your suit too.  The inner suit is the trilaminate suit you’re used to, which is loose cut so you have more space to get in and out and more space to move and stretch when you’re in the suit.  Normally this would mean you have a lot of folds and drag in the water but an outer shell covers the suit to pull all the slack close to your body so you’re nice and streamlined and it lets you stretch too.

This Patented design gives you a custom fit that allows for different body shapes and undersuit thickness.  The external shell makes the range different and is completely removable and replaceable so if you need to repair some damage it’s quick and easy with just a couple zips and Velcro.  Fusion was originally designed for Special Forces Divers who need flexibility to move and the ability to repair the suit in the field but the overall design of each suit has 25-50% fewer seams compared to other dry-suits where many leaks tend to form.

 Because the outer shell is mainly independent from the inner suit the thigh pockets would normally sag down with the weight so they have a retention system that holds the pockets to the shoulder braces.

The Fusion suits are also fitted with Seal Lock Technology for quick seal replacement on both your neck and cuff seals.  Silicone neck and cuff seals act very similarly to latex seals but they have better UV and Ozone resistance and tend to be more resistant to abrasion and tearing too.  The added benefit of silicone seals is that you can carry spares on the boat and if you rip a cuff you can change the seal in minutes instead of using glues and missing the dive.  The cuff ring system also allows you to use dry glove systems if you want.



AirCore is your internal membrane suit that keeps you dry both in and out of the water because it is breathable.  The trilaminate material traps the air inside the suit and keeps water out but it also allows water vapour to pass through it, out of the suit, so any sweat will leave the suit on the surface so you stay fresher an significantly reduce pre/post dive overheating.

 The AirCore suit itself is over sized so you have a greater than usual freedom of movement.  Without the Fusion outer shell it would be big and baggy creating drag but thanks to Fusion it can be oversized which also allows air movement inside the suit for a more uniform coverage.

The internal lining is very smooth and makes donning and doffing easier and allowing you to move inside of the suit for flexibility and freedom of movement.



 We now stock the Bullet, Fit and KVR1 which are all Fusion AirCore suits with the same front entry U-Zipper and AirCore inner but with different outer shells and features. The Bullet and Fit are much the same suit but with the Fit in a more feminine shape for female divers and the KVR1 drysuit on the right made with a ballistic material for abrasion resistance.

Each suit can be paired with a Thermal Fusion undersuit to keep you warm and are fitted with socks so a drysuit rock boot will be needed.

The full size ranges are all available on our website and in our store so you can come over and try on all the sizes to make sure you get the right fit.