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Frozen Planet

We are now coming up to half way through the BBC's latest nature programme - Frozen Planet. If you haven't been watching this programme you should really check it out (Wednesday evenings at 9pm). There has been some of the most amazing footage I've ever seen of nature both under and over the water. Of the water based species we've seen so far Adelie / King Penguins, Killer Whales, Narwhals, Sea Lions and even Eider Ducks to name a few. The highlight for me (which is a little gruesome I'm afraid) was in episode 2 where Killer Wales hunt Seals. They use a clever hunting technique of creating a wave which knocks the seals off of ice floats where they are generally safe. Once the seal becomes tired of getting back on the float the Killer Wales go in for the kill. Very clever pack hunting. Another highlight was the criminal Adelie penguin who steals rocks off another penguin to create his nest. Check it out below:


It's not too late to catch up with the series, go over to the BBC's iPlayer and check them out.