Five great places to snorkel

Are you choosing a place to go for a winter summer break? Why not ensure that you find a spot with great snorkel opportunities, too? Long Island, Bahamas A spot called Dean’s Blue Hole has been created when the ceiling to an ancient cave system collapsed into the ocean. You can snorkel off a white sandy beach and you’ll see the depth go from five feet to more than 600ft very quickly. Look out for tarpon, turtles, small reef fish and the occasional dolphin or porpoise. Crystal River, Florida The best place in the country to spot the gentle West Indian manatee is in the springs and protected estuary of the coastal settlement of Crystal River. Try to swim slowly and stay calm and you can enjoy a manatee encounter for up to 15 minutes. They are shy by sociable creatures. Grand Cayman Stingray City is located on a shallow sandbank off Grand Cayman Island. It’s one of the most popular snorkel sites in the world but still makes a great fun destination, especially for seeing stingrays. Bimini Islands, Bahamas You have to fly from Fort Lauderdale to the small island but it’s worth it for the snorkelling. There are amazing and friendly wild dolphins here and you could find yourself swimming with up to 20 of them at once. Lover's Cove, Catalina Island, California The most popular snorkel spot off Catalina, this protected area boasts a kelp forest, rock reef and a menagerie of cool creatures. Guides and operators can help you in by boat. The fish here are used to being fed and aren't shy. Wear gloves if you're bringing peas or bread for them, as their enthusiasm leads to finger nibbling. You’ll see anemones, sea stars, eels, octopuses and bright orange Garibaldi fish.

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