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Five Benefits of Being a Scuba Diver Outside the Water

We all know the benefits of scuba diving; with an increased knowledge of the ecosystem, biology and physics as well as history when you learn about your favourite shipwrecks but there are also tonnes of benefits for being a scuba diver away from the dive site too.  Now we’re not talking about improved heart health or anything boring like that we’re looking at the important things that help in your actual day to day life.

Here are five major benefits of being a scuba diver outside of the water…


Wear your undersuit to save the heating

Let’s face it your heating bill will never be cheap in the winter time as we pay more and more for energy… If only there was some kind of thermal suit you could wear around the house or in the office to keep you warm…  Well, look no further than your drysuit undersuit. Your undersuit is made to keep you warm in the coldest water down at 30m so I’m sure it can keep you warm at home. They’re like a sleeping bag with arms and legs so they keep you warm and are practical. When the heating went out last winter time I’m not ashamed to say I slept in my undersuit to stay warm…

Use your regs to pump up your car tyres

Let’s face it foot pumps suck and it doesn’t matter how many squats you do your leg will ache after trying to pump up a car tyre with one of these.  If only there was some kind of pressurised container full of air. Well look no further than your cylinder and regs. Your car tyre will fill to something like 2bar and your cylinder has over 200 bar of air inside.  All you need is a small adaptor and you can fill your car tyres with ease from your BCD hose.

Use your wetsuit gloves to wash the car

Washing your car any time other than the middle of summer sucks because the water out of your garden hose is so darn cold… if only there was some kind of thermal glove that keeps your hands warm in cold water..   Well look no further than your wetsuit gloves. Neoprene gloves will keep your hands warm no matter the temperature of the water and they’re made to maintain grip when wet. Better yet upgrade your drysuit with dry gloves and your hands wont get wet at all when you wash your car.

Wear your mask to chop onions

Now there are plenty of tips and hacks to help prevent you from weeping whenever you chop onions but very few seem to work for me…  if only there were some kind of eye protection device that covered your eyes that were airtight… Well, look no further than your dive mask.  It covers your eyes and nose to keep the onion sting away and if you need glasses then they already have your prescription in any way. We can wholeheartedly say this life hack works and you look awesome too when your neighbour walks past the kitchen window.

Save on Gym membership

Paying gym membership sucks and it never comes cheap even if you do actually go to the gym daily, just like all of us…  If only there was a cheaper alternative to weights at the gym. Well, look no further than your humble weight belt…  You can adjust the weight easily, it comes on a handy storage belt that you can wear for weighted exercises and runs, and it’s sweatproof! Who needs dumbells and kettlebells or a weighted vest when you have a full weight belt and the lead to go along with it!