Fitting Hose Protectors

One of the most common questions divers buying their first set of diving equipment ask is "how do I fit hose protectors?". If they have already had a try then usually there are a few unpublishable words thrown into that question! Brute force and sore hands are usually the first method but here are a few solutions. I have three ways to suggest making it easier:
  1. Use a hose protector tool! A T-shaped tool with 3/8" female end that can have a 1/2" adaptor fitted. Slip the hose protector onto the tool then attach the hose, then push the hose protector over the hose.
  2. Heat the hose protector in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes before trying to slip the protector on. It makes them much softer. Beware they will be very hot the moment you remove it from the water so be careful and quickly cool and become less flexible, so hurry!
  3. Put washing up liquid on the hose so the amount of friction is reduced. Make sure you don't get any inside the hose and wash it off completely before going diving.
I generally use points 1 and 2 together, makes it a breeze. Since this is an advice article, I don't want to do a product review but... Try using the Scubapro hose protector. Due to their ribbed interior they go on easier than most and are the best protector available. Failing the above, If you get stuck and are local to us, pop in and we can help you.


  • Or alternatively don’t use hose protectors as they hide any damage/corrosion that may be there and in fact will “hold” water next to the connectors leading to increased corrosion.

  • Ditto Elvis – however, good article, hopefully I can use it in reverse to remove the ones that came on some of my older recreational gear..


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