Exclusive FREE Undersuit Offer

Exclusive FREE Undersuit Offer

Now that the real drysuit season is starting here in the UK, at Simply Scuba we are proud to offer an exclusive deal to give away a FREE Waterproof undersuit when you buy any Waterproof drysuit available here at Simply Scuba.  Whether you want to stay warm for the British Winter or you’re a travelling diver that needs a light weight suit for travelling; we have a complete range of Waterproof drysuits in all sizes held in stock at our headquarters in Kent that you can visit and try on for the perfect fit. Each of the four drysuits have their own unique features and have had an undersuit paired to maximize their potential.  From the top of the range D1 Hybrid to the lightweight travel D9 Breathable Drysuit, all Waterproof drysuits are made to the highest quality from the Swedish manufacturer.  

D1 Hybrid - BodyTec Single

D1offerblog   The D1 Hybrid Drysuit has a built in undersuit layer that provides its own thermal protection but the internal lining can be quite course against the skin and requires a thin base layer.  The BodyTec Single Layer Fleece was made for the D1 as a thin, lightweight base layer that doesn't add bulk but does wick moisture away from the skin and add comfort.  

D7 Pro - WarmTec

D7offer   Put simply; the D7 is a front entry D1 Hybrid without the internal undersuit.  Made from the same supertough materials and parts the D7 is just as tough and well made but also is Front-Entry with a telescopic body for an easier fit.  The WarmTec is paired with the D7 for a practical, heavy duty combination for very cold waters.  

D9 Breathable - BodyTec Single

D9offerblog   The D9 Breathable Drysuit is probably the lightest drysuit on the market today; weighing only 2kg.  The D9 is made for the travelling diver who wants to use a drysuit abroad without needing to pay for extra baggage.  The BodyTec Single Layer Fleece is also made to be ultra lightweight and low bulk and in warmer tropical waters you don't want a large amount of air in your suit you just need enough to keep you warm.  

D10 Pro - BodyTec DoubleD10offerblog

  The D10 Pro ISS is the super-tough Neoprene drysuit with Hi-Density Neoprene to keep up with you in any environment.  Tested in the Arctic Circle the D10 will keep you warm in cold waters and is tough enough to push through wrecks without a scratch.  The BodyTec Double Layer adds an extra layer of warmth and comfort; the additional layer adds an extra layer of air to keep you warm and the two layers can move over one-another to prevent rubbing.   finance

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