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EUROTEK.2014 has come to an end after a wonderful weekend of lectures and discussions on aspects of technical diving and recreational diving alike.  Many equipment manufacturers and training agencies came to show and discuss their ranges of equipment and courses and the industry in general.  Expertly organised and executed by Rosemary E Lunn, Leigh Bishop and Mark Dixon and their Crew at the Birmingham ICC.


2014-09-20 10.41.08


The turnout was fantastic with hundreds of delegates from all around the world, flying over just for this conference.  Many technical divers, Instructors, industry professionals and military divers were present but the conference catered to all level of diver.  Equipment Manufacturers Fourth ElementHollisMiflex and many others were there with their equipment to look at and ask advice on.  Training agencies like PADI were present to encourage this side of the industry and have seen a 180% increase in Tec courses over recent years. 2014-09-20 08.44.42World renowned guest speakers Dr Simon Mitchell, Dr Neal Pollock, Gavin Anthony, Dr Arne Sieber and others gave presentations on all aspects of diving from factors that affect decompression, gas density considerations and general safety considerations.   2014-09-21 09.30.01


Many other expert speakers from all around the world like Cave Divers Jason Mallinson, Martyn Farr, Lamar Hires; Wreck Divers Evan Kovacs, Pete Mesley, Leigh Bishop and many others showed us where and how they had been diving; setting records and pushing boundaries and mapping places that no other human has seen before.   2014-09-20 11.01.08


On Saturday evening was the prestigious Gala Awards Dinner, presented by Leigh Bishop, Rosemary E Lunn and Mark Dixon; recognising exceptional divers and industry members and their achievements, with Lamar Hires winning the Lifetime Achievement Award.   2014-09-20 22.52.22  The whole event is educational to improve and think about your diving, encourage you to go diving in a wider variety of locals, expand on the background of the equipment you use and algorithms your dive computers use and research for future products and methods being looked at.2014-09-20 19.33.56EUROTEK is a biennial conference so if you missed it this year the next one will be the 8th and 9th of October 2016, if it's anywhere near as good as this years; you won't want to miss out

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