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EON Steel Update

One of the largest selling points of the Suunto EON Steel was the upgrade-ability of the internal software for new features and now the first free upgrade is available.  Suunto have taken all of their customer's suggestions and created new software, version 1.1, that brings new features like gas time and a Closed Circuit Rebreather mode.     



The first update gives you the option to include your Gas Time on your dive screen that will use data from your tank POD and calculate your breathing rate to tell you how much air your have left in minutes.  Combining your current breathing rate, depth and air supply the EON steel can work out how long it will take you to breathe your remaining air, better informing you on how to adjust your dive profile.  Your real time SAC Rate is also calculated so you can better plan future dives and see how your Surface Air Consumption Rate improves throughout your career, the more relaxed you are the lower the number will go.


The EON Steel has always been made to progress with you through your dive career and Suunto promised that a CCR Mode will be added so you can use the EON Steel with a Closed Circuit Rebreather.  This mode will include configurable set points, manual or auto set point switching, diluent and bailout switches as well as other CCR specific warnings.   EON-STEEL_FRONT_DOF----UI-G2metri    The compass was one of the first things that customers noticed was missing a function where you could set a bearing, so Suunto has added this feature in the new software.  This feature allows you to lock in a visual marker on the digital compass that you can reference for more advanced navigation.  Bearing lock's help you find your way to locations and back to the boat and are recorded in your dive log every time you set one.   EON-STEEL_FRONT_DOF----UI-G2metric 


Even if your EON Steel is brand new you will need to update it, luckily this is a very simple procedure that is mostly automated.
  1. Plug your computer to a power supply as this can take a few minutes.
  2. Open DM5 on your PC or Mac and allow it to update itself if it asks.
  3. Connect your EON Steel to your computer with the supplied USB cable and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. DM5 will analyse your EON Steel's software version and prompt an update if required.
  5. Click the 'Update' button and wait for the process to complete. This can take around 10 minutes
  Suunto have produced a comprehensive how-to video on how to update your dive computer:

Click here to learn about SuuntoUK's exclusive 5 Year Warranty when you register your product online: