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Endless Ocean, The Wii Game for Scuba Lovers

Combine your love for Scuba Diving with your love for gaming with the Endless Ocean, Nintendo Wii game. This unique experience, simulates scuba diving on the Wii console which will leave any scuba diver intrigued. Endless Ocean is set just off the coast of fictitious island, Manoa Lai. You play the role of the diver and have the ability to explore what lies in the waters of Manoa Lai, from underwater caves, wrecks, shallow reefs and underwater cities to a 500ft deep blue abyss.


There are no real objectives to accomplish anything during the game, other than to explore the stunning simulated seas of Manoa Lai and identify the marine life that lies beneath as you glide through the water. Some gamers are frustrated with the little direction and laid-back nature of the game, but we believe this game is designed for real scuba diving fans who will appreciate all the game has to offer. Endless Ocean is relatively easy to play, you simply point your Wii remote in the direction you wish to swim and click to watch yourself fin to the selected area. A great aspect of the game is that you can interact with the fish you come across on your dive, from petting to feeding them. Visually, the game is brilliant, and is probably what drives the game so well.


Scuba Divers are sure to appreciate the great variety of marine inhabitants they come across in the game, from Dolphins, Napoleon Wrasse to massive Blue Whales and Sharks. There is a sea life identification game where you have a fish ID log to help you identify the different fish you come across on your dive. The ID log also gives you a description of the particular fish with things like it's behaviour and habitat on it. The game also has a online mode which allows you to pair up with a buddy and explore Endless Ocean together. Although the game gives you a great indication of what it is like underwater, there are still some inconsistencies with real life which we can see annoying some Scuba lovers. Things like not running out of air, monitoring surface time between dives, decompression, diving without a buddy,  petting fish to get their identity and being able to dive to depths which would be impossible in reality. Saying that, once you get past these irritating points, Endless Ocean really offers a fantastic way to experience a dive in the comfort of your own home when you can't get out and do the real thing. We want to thank gaming developers who have finally set a president for Scuba Diving simulation games of the future.

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