Diving with Anacondas

While filming underwater in a river in South America, Divers Bartolomeo Bove and Juca Ygarape came across a huge underwater snake. Underwater in the Formoso River in Brazil the two brave scuba divers find a 7m long Anaconda relaxing and comfortable with allowing the divers to get close to it.

The calm and placid nature of the giant reptile encourages the divers to get closer to the Anaconda who seems intrigued by them and their camera gear. Footage of anacondas underwater is quite rare and it takes quite a diver to get this close to a predator of this size in its habitat.

Anacondas hunt from the water and are known to take larger mammals on occasion but evidence of them attacking an adult human are rare. Typically feeding on birds, fish and other reptiles, despite its size and menace the giant snake posed little threat to the divers but enough to keep many others, not brave enough, out of the water.


Check out the footage from Newsflare here: