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Divers Descend In Coast Clear Up

It is litter picking - but not as we know it. A determined gang of scuba divers have begun a bid to clean up the sea beds off the coast of West Wales. Since 2005, Pembrokeshire-based Neptune's Army has cleared up revolving chairs, mobile phones, and in one case - an actual kitchen sink. Conservationists have praised the 25 volunteers, hailing their vital role in protecting precious marine wildlife and vital fish stocks.


The group, which is getting ready for for a clean-up dive at Skomer in Pembrokeshire on August 21, is made up of divers who are passionate about keeping the underwater environment in Pembrokeshire in good condition. Divers go down in pairs, armed with bags, scissors, trays, lifting bags. They can be underwater for almost an hour, as litter is collected, bagged and sent to the surface for retrieval by a support boat. Group leader Dave Kannard said: "Pembrokeshire has some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the UK which provides habitat for a diverse range of fauna and flora."

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